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What is the Everscale Network?
Everscale is a PoS network. It is one of the most technologically advanced networks. All of the recent innovations and concepts are incorporated into Everscale.
Ever is the native token of Everscale and serves as a fee token and governance token. There are multiple exchanges where EVER is listed.
What makes Everscale Network unique?
Dynamic multithreading and sharding technology is provided by Everscale. There is a Masterchain and a lot of workchains. The security of the network depends on the Masterchain, which contains all block proof from all workchains. When a new validator joins Everscale, it gets assigned to a workchain and to a thread, so the validators don't have to process data of the whole network.
The network can scale almost infinitely, because there is always more room to add capacities to handle any load.

What are the main features of Everscale Network?
There is a proven live world scale of 60K+. Very low fees. The ability to be easily connected to other networks is included. A well developed system that includes wallet, NFTs, and much more.
Who is on the Team of Everscale Network?
There are over 200 people working on the network.

Where can I buy things?
Ever is listed for trading on a growing number of centralized exchanges.