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A digital society with a storage and communication system called Swarm.
The system is self-sustaining because of a built-in incentive system. Users remain the owners of their data in alignment with fair data principles.
The internet can be distributed again.
The operating system of the re-decentralised internet will be created by Swarm.
There are key highlights.
Privacy preservation, communication and redundant features are built in to ensure availability and continued data delivery even when individual nodes go offline. Any data, any device.
Data is split up into small chunks that are stored throughout the network without vulnerable central hubs.
No central party can monetize or control the data.
The cost of access, hosting and execution can be shifted to users to make web3 a reality.
It's called tokenomics.
The native token of the Swarm Network is BZZ.
The network is designed to reward good behavior. More traffic and more rewards will be given by operators that provide more bandwidth and storage while quickly delivering popular chunks.
The bonding curve can increase or decrease the token supply. You can read about the bonding curve here. If the supply goes up by one token, so does the price in the bonding curve contract.
There is an ecology.
It's important to have a vibrant ecosystem on top of Swarm. The Swarm Network has a buddingecosystem growing on top of it. Music streaming, art, NFTs, archives, data stores, and everything in between can be found on Swarm.
The concept of a cloud is still based on the idea of a stand-alone computer, where data is stored and managed centrally. With the introduction of the BZZ token, Swarm is providing a key component to drive the transformation of the cloud as we know it.