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    $ 3.35670966
    $ 361,917,075
    $ 7,488,365
    107,818,999 ETHW
What is the name of the company?
There is a hard fork of the coin with the name etherPoW.

Who are the people who started the company?
There are people from all over the world who prefer PoW to PoS and who simply want to keep both options.

What makes ETHPoW unique?
The state of ether was cloned at the block height.

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How many coins are in circulation?
The chain would start with the same supply as proof-of-stake. Since the ETH 2.0 contract only has a "deposit" function, those who have staked it can't be withdrawn.

How is the network secured?
The proof-of-work mechanism used by the mainnet has remained the same since its inception.

Where can you buy ether?
Most major exchanges allow trading of ETHW.