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    Ethereum Name Service
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What is the name of the service?
The name service is based on the ethereum platform. ENS converts human-readable addresses like john.eth into machine-readable codes.
The goal of the internet's domain name service is to make the internet more accessible by making it easier to access and comprehend.
Users who had registered addresses before the project launched its token were rewarded with a retroactive airdrop.

Who are the people who created the name service?
ENS was spun off as a separate organization in 2018. Nick Johnson, a software engineer from New Zealand, is the lead developer.

Nick Johnson is an ENS. Chainlink is a song by Sergey Nazarov. Dan has a song called Metamask. MyCrypto is a song by Taylor Monahan. Aron Fischer is from Colony. There is a foundation with the name of Jason Carver. Martin is a member of the Ethereum Foundation.
ENS is supported by a number of organizations.

What makes the name service unique?

ENS is not a company but an open-source project that calls itself an open public utility that belongs to the company.
One of the main obstacles to the mass adoption of the technology is its accessibility and ease of use. Users don't have to use machine-readable codes, they can receive any NFT to a short and easy-to-remember link.
ENS is built on two smart contracts.

The owner of the domain. The resolver is for the domain. The time for all records under the domain.
The resolver is the second smart contract.

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How many coins are in circulation?
The governance token of the name service is called ENS and is used to govern the protocol and influence decisions on pricing. For voting, token holders can delegate their token to the DAO. The total supply of ENS is 100 million, and the circulating supply is just over 20 million.

10% at launch, linear vesting over four years. Airdrop to.ETH holders. Contributors have four-year linear vesting. Contributors are 18.96%. 2.5% is the Select Integrations. Future Contributors are 1 percent. Contributors are 1.29%. The launch advisers are 0.58%. Keyholders are 0.25. The active users are 0.125%. The translator's rate was 0.05%.

How is the name service network secured?
ENS is secured by a proof-of-work consensus mechanism that requires miners to mine new ether. There is a set of undetonated nodes on the platform.

Where can you buy a name service?

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