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What is the name of the company?
The native token of the platform is EFFORCE.
The main aim of the organization is to make the energy efficiency industry more accessible.
Through the use of WOZX token, energy savings created on the Efforce platform are tokenized for use by any participant.

Who are the people who started the company?
The main personality associated with the token is Steve Wozniak, the IT mogul who co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs.
One of Apple's major goals was to improve energy efficiency in emerging technologies, with the company set to focus on smaller, more efficient machines.
According to the official press release at launch, the product is the first of its kind that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change.
Jacopo Visetti, Jacopo Vanetti and Jacopo Castiglione have more than a decade of experience in the energy efficiency industry.

What makes Efforce unique?
According to co-founder Visetti, the core business proposition is to allow participants to make money while developing and contributing to environment-saving energy efficiency initiatives.
A form of marketplace for the industry, Efforce aims to draw together those market participants and use technology to smooth out issues with the current energy efficiency community.

While using the platform, Efforce acts as a consultant, guiding projects through the various stages of development and funding.
The WOZX token is a step further in introducing the industry to speach technology.
As the International Energy Agency's Efficient World Scenario calls for the energy efficiency sector to hit $580 billion in investments by 2025, the company says growth in demand is all but guaranteed.

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How many WozX coins are in circulation?

100 million WOZX were created at launch, supply will stay at 100% of the original allocation.

A minimum of 1% of the total energy savings from successful projects will be given to token holders.
As part of system governance, holders will be able to use their investments for voting rights.

How is the network secured?
The incentive scheme used by Efforce is similar to many similar corporate blockchain token setup.

As the company expands and the value of the token increases, this helps to ensure continued interaction.
Where can you buy wozX?
As of December 2020, EFFORCE is a new token that can be traded in an increasing number of venues.
The first major exchange to list WOZX was HBTC.
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