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EDGT Edgecoin
$ 1.0004875
Volume 24h
Circulating supply
Change 24h
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  • 184
    $ 1.0004875
    $ 210,102,375
    $ 21,479,666
    210,000,000 EDGT
What is Edge coin?

Edgecoin is a new generation of coins with a native currency. The price of the U.S. dollar is mirrored by EDGT, a stable coin.

Edgecoin was created for the purpose of offering innovative cross-border payment solutions. Edgecoin Bank users receive a coin called "Gradecoin" that is used as an incentive to hold Edgecoin.

How does Edgecoin work?

Edgecoin offers a fast, secure and global payment system for cross-border transactions.

Edgecoin has great potential as a digital payment system as it enables peer-to-peer service for the users involved in the transactions while offering transparency and security within the Edgecoin ecosystem. Edgecoin Bank customers who will receive Gradecoin as a cash back on their spending will get a Defi coin created as a reward coin. Edgecoin's primary goal is to establish itself as the gold standard for global and secure payments.