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What is the name of the network? There is a The network is powered by Zero-Knowledge Proof and Private PoS leader extraction-based consensus protocol. There are financial applications for the Dusk Network. There is a The requirements and needs of financial markets are addressed by the Dusk Network. There is a Direct settlement is the finality. The final settlement of transactions should be provided by a distributed Financial Market Infrastructure. Privacy. Data privacy is still offered by the Dusk Network even though it provides full user privacy. It's public. Users don't need the approval of a trusted authority to use the Dusk Network. Only minimal processing power and modest IT resources are needed to join. There is a How does it work? There is a Privacy and anonymity are brought to transactions and smart-contracts through the use of a transactional model called Phoenix. There is a The consensus mechanism of the SBA secures the network. There is a Dusk can be used as a utility token to initiate transactions or for the deployment of smart contracts. It is possible to stakeDUSK to participate in consensus and serve as a means of exchanging value. There is a The network is based in the Netherlands.