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Dopex. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 19.98509002

Dopex is a question about what it is and what it means.
Maximizing gains for option buyers and minimizing losses for option writers are some of the objectives of Dopex. Anyone can participate in an option pool with Dopex's simple and easy to use platform.
The option writers benefit from a system for losses based on the exercised options. The protocol's rebate token rDPX is used to pay for the percentage losses incurred by options writers. Participants in the option pool receive a percentage of rPDX.

Who are the people who started Dopex?
An anonymous group of developers founded Dopex in the spring of 2021.

TzTok-Chad is the senior developer. The product of Casio. The developer is Witherblock. Halko is also a developer. It's called Hakho (UI) There is a developer named Psytama.
The project has the support of several well-known whales, such as Defi God, and DCV Capital, a group of angel investors.

Dopex is unique, what makes it so?
Deribit is the market leader in cryptocurrencies options. European style options can only be exercised at the end. Both the quote asset and the base asset are used to back options. They can be bought from the Dopex Options AMM.
Accounting assets, option flows, and reward/rebate distribution of the DPX token are used as incentives for providing liquidity to the platform. There are options that have weekly or monthly epochs. Anyone can add base or quote assets to the options pools and become a liquidity provider. At the end of an event, providers can withdraw their funds. If the written options were not profitable, this allows theLPs to earn passive yield with minimal interaction with the protocol. The bootstrapping phase of the protocol rewards options writers with liquidity rewards.
Volume pools allow buyers to deposit funds before weekly global epochs and swap their options for a different strike price. Money from the pool can be used to purchase options from any option pool at a 5% discount. This allows for the creation of hedging strategies. Single Staking Options Vaults allow users to stake their DPX and rDPX while simultaneously selling them as call options to buyers.

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How many Dopex are in circulation?
The supply of DPX is half a million. Fees and revenues from pools, vaults, and wrappers built on the protocol are accrued by DPX, the governance token used for voting on protocol and app-level proposals.

Over five years, the operational allocation was distributed. Over two years, 15% of the mining is distributed. Incentivizing the use and maintenance of the protocol is one of the platform rewards. 20% of the team was vested for two years. 12% to early investors vested over six months and 15% to token sale.

How is the Dopex Network secured?
Arbitrum is a layer-two scaling solution of ether that uses optimistic rollups. Optimistic Rollups can be used to record transactions on the second-layer block and broadcast the roots of transactions to the first-layer block.

Where can I buy dopex?
On Uni swap, DPX is available.