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Dogelon Mars. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.00000025

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What is Dogelon Mars?
Dogelon Mars is a meme coin.
Dogelon Mars plays on popular themes. It's name is a mixture of Doge and Musk, the billionaire who is an outspoken supporter of Doge. Dogelon will experience a massive upward movement as a result of the spin on the famous moon meme.

Who are the founding fathers of Dogelon Mars?
Like its more prominent and more established cousins, the creators of this dog coin are unknown. That is a common occurrence for meme coins, and investors are well-advised due to due diligence with little-known coins to avoid falling victim to malicious practices.

Dogelon Mars is unique.
Dogelon Mars uses a comic about a dog giving a coin its name as a background for its coin.
Dogelon Mars developed a fantasy version of itself through its comics. Dogelon will have to fight for survival after the re-colonization of Mars. This fantasized version suggests that once the coin is listed on all major exchanges, it will trade at a much higher valuation.
ELON is a meme coin that can be bought and held in a wallet like Metamask.

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How many Dogelon Mars coins are in circulation?
The total supply of ELON is 1 quadrillion. Vitalik decided to give the token to charity and this is similar to the approach of Shiba Inu.

How is the Dogelon Mars Network secured?
One of the most popular blockchains and the go-to solution for many applications is the ELON token. The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism requires sholders to stake 32 ether to process transactions, store data and add new blocks.

Is ELON able to hit $0.01?
ELON is unlikely to hit $0.01 due to its artificially high supply.

Where can you buy Dogelon Mars?
ELON is available on a number of exchanges.