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What is the dock network? A gateway to Web3 is being built by Dock by providing simple solutions for businesses and developers to build, manage, and present digital Verifiable Credentials.
Digital credentials, including workforce certificates, academic achievements, identity documents, and KYC checks, can be created with Dock's technology.
In the future, Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials (VC) technology will act as a gateway to Web3. We help organizations understand the true ownership of their data and make their documents, certificates, and credentials digital, tamper-proof, and instantly verifiable.
What is it called? Organizations and developers can build Decentralized Identity and data applications with the low-cost platform provided by Dock. Everyone using Web3 will need their own Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) which are globally unique identifiers made up of a string of letters and numbers. DIDs allow people to securely sign into websites and apps without revealing unnecessary information, fully own and control their digital identity, and prevent user tracking. There is a protocol layer for all things Web3. Substrate is the same framework used throughout the Polkadot network and is used for the dock's validator network. The consensus mechanism offered by Substrate is a hybrid as it separates block production and finality through different methods.
Who are in the dock's team?
Nick and Elina Cadouri have a lot of experience in the data tech industry. Nick was the COO of MaidSafe, one of the earliest companies working in the Blockchain space, and he is the CEO at Dock. Elina has a lot of experience in the data network industry.
What are the utilities of the token? There is a DOCK is the native utility on the dock mainnet. 1. 2. 3. DOCK will be used to manage changes to the network.

How many dock token are in circulation?
On September 30th, 2020, Dock launched its mainnet.

Where can I buy dock token?
DOCK can be traded on a growing number of exchanges.
There is a person named Binance. Gate.io is a website. HotBit. Huobi Global. Ku coin. WazirX.