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Major protocol changes are driven by the community and decided by dForce token holders through governance voting.
dForce is backed by a world-class investor group.

Stable coin USX USX can be traded at a 1:1 rate with other stable coins through dForce Trade.

dForce lending dForce Lending is a non-custodial lending protocol that supports multiple collaterals with market-driven dynamic interest rates. Trail of Bits, ConsenSys Diligence, CertiK, Certora, and Immunefi launched a bug bounty for dForce Lending.

The trade is called dForce Trade. dForce Trade can be used to facilitate cross-chain swap.

There is a dForce DAO. With dForce being a DAO-driven community project, members of the network use the governance token DF to give the holders complete control over decisions regarding dForce protocols.
There are governance related discussions on dForce Forum.
DF Staking You can receive staking rewards if you stake the $DF token. There is no lock-up, lower yield and less voting rights. Lock-up Staking gives you higher yield and voting rights if you lock up for 4 years.
DForce Liquidity Mining is a type of mining. Users who participate in dForce activities will be rewarded with a DF token. dForce uses dForce-backed assets to reward participation in lending and providing liquidity for dForce-backed assets. The best efficiency will be assessed on a weekly basis.