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What is the name of the tool?
DEXTools is an app that provides information about all the markets.
The native utility token is DEXT.
The top tier features of the app can be accessed through holding or monthly subscription. Accessing the community initiatives and the premium trading group.
DEXT tools can be used.
Pool Explorer can be used to follow the formation of new pools. Pair Explorer allows you to check the charts and transactions of a token in addition to the trust and metrics of a project. Track and follow your favorite trader's wallet with wallet info. Big swap explorer allows you to track whales and transactions. Your trading response time can be increased by opening multiple DEX portals.
How many DEXT Coins are in circulation?
DEXT Team burned 50% of team funds, leaving a total supply of 150 million DEXT, from all subscription token used to pay DEXT features.
There is more info at: http://currencies/dextools.
Who are the people who created DEXTools?
DEXTools was launched in 2020 by Frederic and Javier, who started the project with their own money.
The project grew in its early stages thanks to the help of the current CTO, who joined 1 month after the launch.
The adoption of DEXTools by the Defi community made DEXT the central hub of Defi trading.
What makes DEXTools unique?
The quality of data provided by its large infrastructure is what DEXTools is focused on.
DEXTools became what it is now thanks to the hard work of the team, with 6 skilled team members and 2 advisors with more than 5 million unique users in the last month.
Where can I buy DEXTools?
DEXT is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges.
Uni swap has the largest volume as of March 1.