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What is Dero?
Dero is the first project to combine a proof-of-work block structure with anonymous transactions. Privacy coins like Monero or Z-Cash are already being improved by this new coin.
The main chain from the network of blocks refers to main blocks and side blocks. Chain proof-of-work security is made impossible by side blocks. Dero considers the transaction to be the smallest unit of computation, not the block.
Dero is said to combine the security and decentralization of a proof-of-work blockchain with the scalability and transaction speed of DAG technology.

Who are the founding fathers of Dero?
In December of last year, a team of three full-time developers launched Dero. The team claims to have over a decade of experience in the field, with multiple years of experience in the field on top of that.

What makes Dero unique?
Dero was developed from the ground up to support millions of users.
One of the key features is the use of a protocol that hides the sender and receiver of a transaction, protecting the identity of all parties involved and ensuring privacy. The peer-to-peer layer is the first of its kind.
Dero has 75 transactions per second on its native platform, not using any scaling solutions like lightning networks. This is more than five transactions per second. It is ten times faster than normal.
Voting services, escrow services, and address certification/verification might be addressed by Dero.

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How many Dero Coins are in circulation?
There is a maximum supply of 18.4 million. An initial pre-mine of two million DERO was established on network launch but is not part of the circulating supply. It will be used for marketing and development. Dero has a submission rate of 157,000 DERO/year.

How is the Dero network secured?
Dero has a powerful security mechanism. AstroBWT is an open-sourced proof-of-work consensus mechanism based on one-CPU-one-vote. This mechanism reduces the performance advantage of specialized hardware, preventing the sort of miner oligopoly that plagues the world of mining.
Dero is resistant to soft forks without suffering downtime.

Where can you buy Dero?
DERO is available on a number of websites.