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What is Dent?
Dent is a revolutionary digital mobile operator that offers eSIM cards, mobile data plans, call minutes top-ups and a roaming-free experience.
Dent plans to expand its services to new markets by the end of the year. Dent services are available in more than 140 countries, and the company has attracted more than twenty-five million mobile device users.

Who are the people who started Dent?
Tero Katajainen founded DENT Wireless. He obtained a master's degree in sciences from Tampere University of Technology. He became a system administrator at the university after graduating. He founded Pocket Indian Software Solutions in 2003 after becoming the CTO of Genetics AG in 2001. In 2015, Katajainen was a senior Java/Android consultant for the United Nations.
Mikko Linnamki is a co-founder of DENT Wireless. He has been a businessman since 2000. Linnamki is a serial web-entrepreneur and Internet software pioneer with five successful businesses before founding Dent.

What makes Dent unique?
Dent is a player in the market of mobile communications. Half of the world's population is restricted from using mobile services because of high prices.
Dent eliminates the idea that your mobile data is tied to your location by becoming a global digital mobile operator. Dent has plans that suit the needs of global citizens by removing roaming fees and introducing international mobile plans. There is no chance for a customer to pay for something and not receive it because all transactions on the Dent platform are recorded on the DENT token.

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How many Dent Coins are in circulation?
There is a maximum supply of 100 billion DENT.
8.6 billion DENT token were sold at a fixed price of $0.0005 per token during the company's initial coin offering.

How is the Dent Network secured?
DENT is a token. The Dent platform operates thanks to the proof-of-stake method.
There are many benefits to PoS consensus mechanisms, but the most prominent are increased scalability and reduced electrical and computing power consumption. Many platforms are looking to use the ether to launch their products.

Where can I buy Dent?
DENT coins are available for purchase.
Ku coin is another option to purchase DENT.
You can find more information here.