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What is DeFiChain?
The mission of the DeFiChain platform is to maximize the full potential of DeFi within theBTC. The software platform is supported by a distributed network of computers.
The aim of the project was to offer financial services that commercial banks typically provide. There is a key difference between a banking network and a DefiChain platform. Authorities and entities can't control the network and anyone can participate in the launch of the protocol.
The DeFiChain platform is transparent and fast. The project uses a Merkle root every few blocks and is built on a software fork of Bitcoin.
Initial functions and products include: lending, token wrapping, pricing oracles, exchanges, asset tokenization, distribution of dividends, and more.
Who are the founding fathers of DeFiChain?
All of the DFI trademarks and domain names are owned by the DeFiChain Foundation.
Two key figures are at the beginning of the project. Hosp has a large following around the world.
U-Zyn Chua is a co-founder of Cake DeFi.
What makes DefiChain unique?
The emergence of decentralization has been inspired by the emergence of the two largest blockchains in the industry. The limitations of these early innovations are that they can only support basic transactions, and that Bitcoin has a long-standing reputation for security.
This is where DFI comes in, aiming to tackle challenges like security and fair governance.

To ensure a high level of security, the platform will be built with the use of Bitcoin. The PoW consensus mechanism is used for network operation.
The benefits of DeFiChain include:

A full suite of financial asset classes is offered to users in a permisonless and borderless manner. A wide range of financial transactions are supported. High throughput is offered for all transactions. A high level of security is achieved through its hybrid consensus mechanism. Developers can create DeFi apps on one chain. A reliable governance system is provided.

How many coins are in circulation?
DFI is the native unit of account for the platform. The token can be used both as payment for transaction fees and as a governance tool.
There is a capped supply of 1.2 billion coins.
How is the DefiChain network secured?

In September and October of 2020, DeFiChain smart contracts were audited.
The hybrid PoW-PoS consensus mechanism takes advantage of the best aspects of each.
Where can you buy DFI?
DefiChain is listed on major trading platforms.
Direct purchase is another way to get DFI.
If you're new to the world of cryptocurrencies, look at the blog.
Do you want to understand the terminology?