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CULT is a liquid token of CULT. To fund the protocol, fill the treasury slowly. There are investments into decentralised technologies. All CULT transactions have a collection. There is a dCULT is the proof of stake token for CULT. There is a The funding process of Cult DAO is completely untainted. It can't be stopped. There is a The proposal can only be put forward by the guardian. The top 50 holders. The guardians can't be completely corrupted in their decisions. There is a Fight against centralisation. Further the cause of decentralisation. Contribute directly to a noble cause. There is a These proposals can come from anywhere. As long as they conform to the rules. Any proposal can be submitted by a Guardian. The Many voted on it. There is a There is a total supply of the investee protocol token. There is a percentage of the total supply being offered in return. The tokenomics are related. If built, the audit of the token and any contracts. The plan for the burn and distribution. There is a The burn and distribution plan is the schedule for when the investee will get their money. Protocols token. Let's use a fake protocol. The schedule can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It was vested over longer than 18 months. There is a The ABC token will be vested once a month. 12 months. The investee is like a normal VC funded protocol. The company swaps a small amount of its supply for ABC. $CULT. DCULT holders are paid half of the DAO. There is a The collapse of the old financial system is served by CULT. There is tyranny of central banks. A society built on debt needs inflation to function. Inflation robs the poor and allows them to never catch up. The ruling class has overlords.