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What is the purpose of Constitution DAO?
Constitution DAO has been dissolved. A group of web3-enthusiasts gathered in November of 2016 to buy a copy of the U.S. There is a constitution at an auction. There are only 13 original physical copies of the U.S Constitution, which meant that this auction sparked a competitive bidding battle.
After failing in its attempt to buy one of the most important documents in U.S. history, Constitution DAO decided to fold.

Who are the originators of the Constitution?
The rise of meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu can be seen as an evolution of the grassroots fundraising movements that led to the creation of Constitution DAO. The DAO raised $47 million from 17,000 donors in a few days, with a median donation size of $206. It sparked a movement that cheered on the efforts of the DAO.

What makes a constitution unique?
The internet-based grassroots movement took on establishment symbols with the help of cryptocurrencies.
Six days before the auction, the DAO published its first tweet. The last privately-owned copy of the Constitution went on sale in 33 years.
The attempt was inspired by a movie in which Nicolas Cage is trying to steal the Constitution and the x,x meme first popularized by OHM. Had it not been for the auction house fees and storage costs for the document that were not accounted for by the DAO, the sum of $47 million would have easily been enough to win the auction.
In case of failure from the very beginning, Constitution DAO announced it would be dissolving.

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How many constitution coins are in circulation?
The contributors would not have received fractional ownership of the Constitution since it was not possible for a DAO to own a copy of the Constitution.

How is the Constitution network secured?

Where can you buy a constitution?
People can be found on Uni swap and 0x Protocol.