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What is the name of the object?
In theory, a consensus that is capable of infinite scalability can be achieved through a directed acyclic graph architecture.
The company was launched in 2017. When developing the project, the founding team decided to rethink the usual solutions to many of the problems for existing blockchains, such as centralization. The ability to connect to external data through an easy-to-use APIs is offered by Constellation.

Who are the people who started the company?

Benjamin J. There is a CEO at the company.
The chief revenue officer is Benjamin Diggles. He is in charge of coordinating with governments and enterprises and is also responsible for the implementation of the global partnership strategy.
Goldmann is the COO of the company. Goldmann joined Constellation Labs as VP of Finance in October of last year. He is now the COO and oversees the development and implementation of business operations.
The Constellation protocol was developed by the chief technology officer at the company.

What makes a constellation unique?
The mission of the company is to process big data with high levels of security and low transaction fees.
There is a persistent challenge of scaling in the space. The capacity to scale in proportion to the number of users and current needs is the key difference of the project.
The principle of rewarding and selecting good reputations is what the proof-of-meme model is based on.
The smart contracts run on a Java Virtual Machine.
The creators of Constellation launched a program in June of last year that allows the community to participate in various events.
The architecture of the network consists of several components.

There are stars. A basic element for direct interaction between the web and users is compatible with mobile devices. There is a star cluster. It is necessary to participate in the consensus. Galaxies. These are similar to validators. Galaxies care for Stars and maintain their reputations. There are black holes.
The key features are big data validation, big data notarization and interoperability.

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How many coins are in circulation?
The native token of the network is called "constellation". The total supply is limited to 3.71 billion, with 1.27 billion in circulation.
There is a seamless communication between government channels and the network components.
The developers of the company have launched a wallet called Molly, which is designed to enhance the user experience.

How is the network secured?
In what can be seen as a testament to its security, the U.S. and Constellation. The Air Force signed a deal to automate their big data management. End-to-end security for communications between the U.S. and Canada will be provided in the summer of 2021.
In order to create a robust, data security product based on distributed data management and the Hypergraph Transfer Protocol, Constellation collaborated with Kinnami Software.
Adding nodes to the network can be done with the help of the Proof of Reputable Observation consensus.

Where can you buy a piece of furniture?
As of October 2021, you can buy, sell, and trade on several exchanges, including KuCoin, HitBTC, LCX Exchange, and Hotbit.
Do you want to keep track of the prices?
You can learn more about the terms and definitions using the glossary.
The latest market updates, announcements, insights and news can be found on the blog.