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The Concordium is a public-permissionless layer one block. To date, it has raised 52 million euro, and is working with a global automaker and co-owner of Volvo Cars. Preserving privacy and making it part of ID credentials available to smart contracts are some of the benefits of Concordium. Why does ID matter? Decentralized services will be used in order to verify almost everything on the blockchain in the next decade. Modern pioneers are trying to build for mass adoption of Web3 but need trust to make it all work. We need to know who the other person is. With a built-in ID layer, people and companies will be able to verify one another in confidence, while remaining private, to conduct safe transactions on the first blockchain that will unlock a global, multi-trillion-dollar economy. Concordium is able to give users complete privacy and ensure accountability by using zero-knowledge proof. Concordium makes it impossible for rollbacks to happen. The platform's native coin is used to pay transaction fees, staking rewards, and as a settlement medium for Concordium's DeFi landscape.
The old text was: Concordium is a permissionless layer-1 blockchain that supports smart-contracts, offers fast and real finalization of transactions, and provides for identification of participants at the protocol level. Peer reviewed science papers support the technology. Concordium's originality is to be compliant and able to meet business needs. Transaction fees are low, predictable and stable with the help of the CCD native token.