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What is the name of the company?
The name of the operating system is Clover Finance.
A descendant of the Substrate-based Polkadot parachain aims to bridge the compatibility gap.
The mainnet of Clover Finance was launched in July of 2021.

Who are the people who started Clover Finance?
Viven Kirby, Norelle Ng, and Burak Keeli are the core of the project. Kirby is the project lead of Clover Finance.
The operations lead of Clover Finance has a background in human- computer interaction.
Keeli is the tech lead of Clover Finance.

What makes Clover finance unique?
The operating system for Clover Finance was built with the idea of offering more than one service to users.
The Defi bridge is provided by the Clover network. It is a flawless portal for everyone.
The eApp layer allows developers to deploy their eApps without using other virtual machines or network bandwidth.
Relayers can cover the gas fees in the base currency if they act on behalf of the sender.
The network has an identity-based gas fee schedule.

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How many coins are in circulation?
There will be a maximum total supply of 1,000,000,000 CLV token.
40% of the one billion token are currently being distributed as incentives for 36 months, 15% were sold on coinlist, and 12% will be maintained as foundation.

How is the network secured?
The whole community has a say in Clover Finance. A multi-use asset is the CLV token.
The holders of the CLV token can use a single-click deployment to nominate validators.
There is no centralized governance entity for the Clover system.

Where can you buy 888-405-7720
You can purchase Clover Finance on top centralized exchanges or swap it for a token on a number of exchanges.
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