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What is civic?

The platform is designed to change the way we think about identity verification by giving users more control over their personal data, while allowing them to access a wide range of services without having to fork over excessive amounts of personal information.

Civic users store their sensitive data on their mobile device.
The Civic token is used to settle identity related transactions between Civic participants, such as between a customer and service provider.
CVCs can be earned for completing a variety of tasks, such as signing up for a service through the platform or introducing new users, while CVCs can be earned for validation of documents for service providers.
A sell-out initial coin offering led to the launch of Civic.

Who are the founding fathers of civic?
The co-founding of Civic happened in 2015.
A serialentrepreneur who appeared on Shark Tank South Africa in 2016 has co-founded several prominent firms, including a South Africa-based investment fund known as Newtown Partners.
Jonathan Smith has more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry and is the current CTO of the platform.

Many of the 38 employees listed on the official Civic LinkedIn page are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What makes Civic unique?

When combined with human review, it allows businesses to cut down on fraud and stay compliant with OFAC rules.

The Civic wallet is a mobile wallet that can be used to store a number of popular cryptocurrencies.
Civic has a new product called Health Key. Employers can use this app to verify the health status of their employees, so that they are healthy enough to return to work after an infectious disease.

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How many civic coins are in circulation?
There are 670 million CVC token in circulation as of December 2020.
A total of 1 billion CVC were minted, of which 33% were sold in the token sale, 33% were retained by Civic, and the remaining 1% was used to cover token sale costs.
The 330 million token allocated to Civic remains untouched as of December 2020.

How is the civic network secured?

The roll-out of Ethereum 2.0 will gradually lead to proof-of-stake.

Where can you buy civic?
The CVC token can be traded on dozens of exchange platforms.
Check the market pairs section for a full list of exchanges.