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What is it called?
A Swedish company has come up with an open source public ledger. The CHR was launched in May of 2019.
How does Chromia work?
There is a layer-1 and EVM compatible enhancement for the smart chain.
A custom programming language called Rell is included in the architecture of the blockchain.
Each dApp has its own sidechain which is in the main blockchain. This allows each application to scale more efficiently and gives each application developer the freedom to choose from a variety of fee structures.
What applications have been built?
Chromia has a wide variety of applications that use their chain as a storage layer and Layer-2 enhancements.
One of the latest features in development is a new NFT standard, which will operate both as a native standard on the chain as well as an enhancement layer for existing ERC-721 and BEP-721 token.
Who is behind Chromia?
The core team consists of industry veterans. All three of them have roots in the early days of the space.