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What is Celsius (CEL)? 

Celsius is a decentralized lending platform founded in July 2017. The Celsius Network was founded with the mission of leveraging blockchain technology to provide unprecedented financial freedom and economic opportunity. 

The Celsius Network platform provides participants with services that are not available in traditional financial organizations. Its goal is to become a catalyst for financial change around the world by providing services that will lead the next 100 million people to cryptocurrency.

Who are the founders of Celsius?

Celsius was founded by Alex Mashinsky, Nick Holstein, and S. Daniel Leon. Celsius is based in London, United Kingdom.

Alex Mashinsky - CEO of the project. Alex is one of the inventors of VOIP (Internet Voice Protocol) in 1994, and is currently working on MOIP (Internet Money Exchange Protocol) technology. Alex has received more than 35 patents related to exchange, VOIP protocol, messaging, and communications.

C. Daniel Leon-Founding President and Chief Operating Officer. Daniel is a businessman and social entrepreneur with proven experience in developing companies at an early stage and creating organizations from scratch.

Nick Holstein-CTO: Nick is an experienced software developer, architect, innovator and entrepreneur in the field of advanced technologies. His career spans from image processing and artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things and blockchain. Before working on the Celsius lending platform, he developed P2P lending protocols using distributed storage and smart contracts.

What makes Celsius unique?

Celsius is a platform that allows you to buy, borrow and pay in more than 30 cryptocurrencies. This is not so much a trading platform as a means for passive investors to receive weekly income from their investments.

Celsius was not created to be a dynamic trading platform, so it covers a bit of training materials related to technical or fundamental analysis. Although it doesn't offer a ton of educational resources, it is still a great learning tool for novice crypto traders.

The website has several useful resources to learn about the various features and settings of the app. It also has a handy glossary with all the slang and jargon that crypto traders use, so you can learn to decipher what they're talking about as you delve deeper into their world.

Since the project is designed for more passive investing, you can plunge into the crypto pool without investing more money than you are comfortable with and without paying insanely high transaction fees.

How many Celsius tokens (CEL) are in circulation?

Launched in June 2018, the CEL token is at the heart of the Celsius Network's earnings and rewards systems. With the maximum supply of $ {total_supply} tokens CEL, 378,663,492 is currently in circulation.

To date, the market value of the token is - 0.35769263 USD, with a daily trading volume - 2,764,580 USD, and the market capitalization - 135,399,391 USD.

How is the Celsius network protected?

Thanks to the use of a modified Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm and a large set of advanced cybersecurity tools, the Celaius network is reliably protected.