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CEEK VR. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.07405826

What is CEEK?
CEEK is a metaverse project that connects content creators with their fans, allowing them to gain attention, reach audiences around the world and monetize their creative work.
Artists get new sources of income, and advertisers get the chance to identify user traffic and establish financial transparency by using CEEK VR.
CEEK 4D is an award-winning developer of premium social virtual and augmented reality experiences and can be purchased through major retailers.
The company's mission is to create a clear and easy-to-use virtual reality entertainment metaverse, where music artists, athletes and event creators can monetize their creativity.
Users can attend live concerts and exclusive events with their friends from anywhere in the world.
The virtual community has been formed since 2016 and CEEK is currently partnering with Universal Music, Meta Oculus, Apple and Microsoft, T-Mobile and Baptist Health, which allows the project to accelerate audience growth and get strong recommendations.
Who are the founding members of CEEK?
Mary Spio is a deep space engineer.
Spio has served in the Air Force. She was the head of satellite communications at Boeing Digital Cinema. Lucas Films, Universal Music, Baptist Health, Microsoft XBOX, Coca-Cola, and Spio created technology and content solutions.
Spio is a reviewer for the United States Department of Defense and author of It's Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-changing Traits for Achieving Uncommon Success.
CEEK Virtual Reality was founded by Mary Spio.
What makes CEEK virtual reality unique?
CEEK is a streaming service for virtual events and experiences where content and event creators can monetize their creativity by expanding their reach with CEEK headsets, mobile devices, tablets and smart TVs.
The CEEK platform tokenizes tickets to events, increasing and engaging the fan base from all over the world.
Transactions on the network are secure and transparent.
World-class stars can connect with their audiences through virtual events, interactive events, and NFTs.
The flagship product of the company is the CEEK NFT Marketplace.
Digital assets are created and sold based on the technology.
CEEK holders are collecting rare digital goods.
There is access to exclusive content.
The CEEK player is used to track dividends on digital assets.
The CEEK team integrates an application that is available via various channels and acts as a utility for Metaverse.
A virtual reality experience is provided by CEEK. Live concerts and sports can be seen in a whole new way with CEEK virtual reality headsets.
The CEEK VR Headset can be installed on any device.
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What is the Metaverse?
There are online games and music performances.
How many CEEK Coins are in circulation?
The $CEEK token is the native token of the CEEK platform and it provides content creators with the ability to monetize their work and reach audiences.
The process of monetization is fast and efficient due to the use of CEEK token. The team decided to migrate CEEK to theBSC in order to reduce user costs and transaction fees.
The CEEK community is made up of token holders who have access to exclusive CEEK experiences.
The maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 coins is used in all buy/sale transactions on the CEEK VR platform.
50% in token sale.
20% to founding members.
20% to community development.
There is 10% in reserve.
How is the CEEK virtual reality network secured?
The network is regulated by smart contracts.
In May of 2021, CEEK VR passed a audit. CertiK Security Leaderboard is a ranking platform that analyzes and monitors Defi projects.
The final report on the CEEK VR project's codebase was checked by the company.
Where can I buy CEEK?
CEEK can be purchased on a number of exchange platforms.
The prices of CEEK can be tracked in real-time with the mobile app.
There is a guide to non-fungible token.