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What is BurgerCities? BurgerCities wants to create a unified and standardized metaverse world of Web3. Users could carry out daily events in this world.
Which chain is BurgerCites on? It will be expanded to other public chains in the future.
When will BurgerCities be online? The product is expected to be launched this month.
There are pages related to this. Burger Cities has a social media presence. Medium is a medium website. DEX Website: https://burger swap.org Burger Cities 2077: http://app.burgercities.org
What do Burger Cities NFT Skin do? The BurgerCities NFT skins that are given away at events are more than just a representation of a user's Discord and game status.
The First BC Residents Identity Group and Burger Cities NFT skin can be obtained.
You can click on the activity link. It's on thediscord.com
The award will be issued. The time and location for address collecting and prize distribution will be revealed soon.
How do I play the game? The game will be available in June.