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What is the Boson Protocol?
Boson Protocol is used for e- commerce transactions. The exchange of digital value for real-world products and services is possible through the use of tokenized futures contracts.
The protocol aims to allow buyers and merchants to interact with minimal intervention from the middleman.
Both govern and incentivize actions that can maximize the supply of quality NFT redemptions. A user can acquire the currency by being active in the community and participating in development bounties.
The protocol was founded in March. By the end of 2021, the project plans to be able to support e-commerce transactions for i-gaming, NFT art, CeFi and DeFi loyalty reward schemes.

Who is the originator of Boson Protocol?
Boson Protocol is co-founded by Justin Banon. He is an experienced businessman and creator of a pair of platforms, Meltfactory and Redeemeum.
Boson Protocol's chief technical officer (CTO) and co-founder is a proficient engineer with a master's degree in Business Informatics from the University of Ljubljana and an MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Cyprus.

Boson Protocol is unique.
Boson Protocol aims to create an open, tokenized economy and introduce a new technology into e- commerce. The protocol uses the ERC-20 "Thing" token to purchase commitment token on the platform.
Boson Protocol encourages users to share their data in exchange for monetary benefits.
Boson's core mechanism is designed to incentivize honest behavior among the parties involved in a trade.
The goal of the platform is to ensure fair distribution of control and value. There are three stages of governance for the platform going forward. Boson is centrally controlled during the startup phase. Fees are charged at scale-up to further develop the project.

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How many Boson Coins are in circulation?

200 million Boson Protocol is the total token supply.

As network rewards, 43.4% was allocated. The team has 25% held by them. The SAFE and SAFT private sales have a set aside for it. 8% was given to early investors. 5% is assigned to advisers. Pre-sale accounted for 5.1% of the total. 3% is distributed through public sale.

The Boson Protocol Network is secured.
Boson Protocol is a token that can be used on the mainnet.

When will Boson trading begin?
The first Boson Protocol token sale took place in April of 2021.

Can Boson hit $10?
The price of Boson Protocol went from a starting price of $0.75 to $5.3319 after the token was released. As Boson Protocol was launched on its mainnet, the token's price began showing positive growth dynamics again.

Where can you buy Boswell?

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