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What is the name of the animal?
There is a platform for games and entertainment. Games and applications from the GameFi sector will be attracted to the Bora Chain in order to avoid building on the high gas fees of the ethereum network. The BORA token is traded on the Klaytn blockchain, which is focused on metaverse and gaming use cases.
Developers can use the development toolkits provided by the team to create applications. It uses Bora Points as a resource for development and as a way to encourage contribution to Bora.

Who are the people who started the company?
A team of Korean experts launched a mobile application. The CEO of the company is an experienced game developer with over 20 years of experience in the field.
Igoo Lee is an infrastructure operations manager with experience in building the infrastructure of games.
The team has built partnerships with more than 30 companies in the gaming space, among them companies like Neon Games, Emong, and Hurray Positive.

What makes a person unique?
With high cross-chain interoperability, Bora is able to increase its security, scalability, and reliability.
It is interesting for game developers because of its easy-to-navigate API and web interface.
The application layer, the service layer, and the core layer are the three layers.
The bottom layer supports the infrastructure and data network. The settlement of the Bora points is supported by the core layer.
The service layer houses the APIs and software development kits that integrate with content and applications. Tracking of all BORA token movements is possible with the help of the Bora chain explorer.
The application layer is where end users interact. The content is hosted on it, as well as the asset management platform.
This dual-layer structure is an attractive solution for game developers who don't want to build on other blockchains. It is possible for developers to easily test and develop projects on Bora before taking them to other chains.

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How many bora coins are in circulation?
BORA has a total supply of 1.325 billion.

40% is the token sale. The reserve is 20%. The system is 25%. The team and advisers have a 15% share.
BORA can be used as a reward currency for content providers, event management, and to incentivize games.

How is the network secured?
Many of the issues faced by other consensus mechanisms, like proof-of-stake or proof-of-work, were resolved with the migration from a proof-of-authority to a PBFT consensus mechanism. It is possible that Bora is infinite. If necessary, additional blocks can be built on top of the current core layer that serves as the settlement layer.

Where can you buy bora?
BORA can be found on Upbit, Bithumb, and Coinone.