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BNB. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 577.75699804

What is BNB?
The biggest exchange in the world is based on daily trading volume. The aim of the company is to bring the forefront of financial activity to the world.
The largest exchange in the world has launched a lot of features for its users. All of the projects in the network use the power of the ledger technology to bring new-age finance to the world.

Who are the people who started BNB?
The founder and CEO is Changpeng Zhao. The head of tradebook futures development at the time was Zhao.
Changpeng Zhao has been involved with the technology for a long time. He founded BijieTech in 2015, after becoming head of development at Blockchain.
He Yi is the chief marketing officer. She began her career as a TV anchor on China Travel TV. Yi co-founded OKCoin, which was the largest exchange in China at the time.

What makes BNB unique?
Binance is a unique network.
The drive for development is one of the biggest competitive advantages. Today, the company has spread its services across a number of different areas.
Increased investor interest in the coin has helped the exchange.
Measures like BEP-95 have made BNB even more deflationary. The network burns a part of the fees to decentralize further and the gas fees on the smart chain have become even lower.
The $200M Pancake Bunny exploit and several hacks of Cream Finance have been overcome by this.
BNB has an auto burn.
A coin burn is a deflationary mechanism that is used to permanently remove coins from circulation.
In the first quarter of this year, the exchange has burned over 38 million of its own token.
BNB uses two coin-burning mechanisms.
The quarterly burn event used to be based on revenue from the centralized exchange.
BNB had completed 20 coin burn events.

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How many BNB are in circulation?
There is an initial maximum of 200,000,000 BNB coins, of which 168,137,036 are currently in circulation.
The goal of burning the BNB supply is to reduce the total supply by half. The 16th quarterly burning was worth $390 million in BNB price at the time of burning.
Half of the maximum supply of BNB coins was allocated towards the initial coin offering and public sale. The initial coin offering (ICO) was held in July of last year and saw the exchange raise over 15 million dollars in funding. The return on investment is almost 4200X if you take BNB price today. Around 80,000,000 BNB coins were distributed among the founding members and team.

How is the BNB network secured?
The BNB was initially used as a token on the platform.
The proof-of-stake (PoS consensus) allows for the creation of smart contracts. Unlike PoS, the bicyle does not support smart contract functions.

Where can you buy BNB?
The easiest way to purchase BNB coins is through the dedicated utility token of the exchange. The best trading rates for the coin can be found on the original exchange, which supports the largest variety of trading pairs.
FTX is a good choice if you are looking for an alternative exchange.
You can use the BNB currency page to check the price in your preferred currency. Alternatively, use the dedicated exchange rate page. BNB/EUR.
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