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What is the name of the computer program?

Since its acquisition, BitTorrent has added a number of new tools.
According to its literature, BitTorrent is the largest P2P communications protocol in the world.

Who are the people who started the file sharing service?
The creator of the original BitTorrent is a developer and entrepreneur named Bram Cohen.

Cohen maintains that the platform does not break copyright laws in allowing users to share files among themselves.
The acquisition of BitTorrent by TRON brought it under the control of Justin Sun.
TRON was behind the release of the BTT token, which was added to BitTorrent.

What makes BitTorrent unique?

The main target was expensive and inefficient distribution networks, with the original developer seeing benefits in allowing internet users to distribute their own content.

The added features include BitTorrent Speed, which uses the BTT token as part of its operations.
Premium versions of the platform include ad-free browsing and a variety of other features.

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How manyBTT Coins are in circulation?

A further 20.1% is reserved for airdrops, which will occur at various points until the year 2025. 18% of the supply went to the BitTorrent team and umbrella organization.
4% of the token is reserved for partnership activities.
Users can pay others for faster downloads with BitTorrent Speed, which is one of the roles that BTT plays.

How is the network secured?
The company says that it uses the highest level of security measures in order to secure user funds.
Users can protect themselves against theft by using options such as biometric verification, according to the company.

Where can you buy btt?

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