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Bitgert. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.00000025

What is Bitgert?
The Bitgert project was launched in July of 2021. Bitgert was built on BNB Chain and used its native token to pay rewards. The BRC20 is one of the most significant Bitgert developments. It has zero gas fees and high speed transactions.
Audit Solutions with Leaderboard Support is one of the Bitgert products.
DEX platformSwap Pancake is an alternative offered by Bitgert.
Bitgert's native token, BRISE, allows investors to benefit from earning rewards in BUSD.
The smart contracts on Brise Chain have a mechanism. Every transaction fee is directed by Bitgert, with 5% for buyback, 3% for marketing and 4% for staking rewards.
BRISE claims to have a real use case with becoming the global payment system and is applied as a peer-to-Peer (P2P) service in the BRISE dApp wallet.
Who are the people who started Bitgert?
The platform for the Bitgert project was launched in July. The development team is planning to reveal their identities when the time is right. One thing is certain, doxxing the team should positively affect the project's reputation and the price of BRISE, since the move can lead to building trust from the community and generating more interest among investors.
What makes Bitgert unique?
Bitgert was deployed on the BNB Chain.
The following products have been introduced by the Bitgert platform.
Bitgert Chain has gas fees as low as $0.000000 per transaction.
BRISE dApp wallet has BRC20/ERC20/BEP20 support.
BRISE swap is a fast and cheap exchange.
It's BRISE Staking.
Audit Solutions has a responsibility for the security of the ledger.
The Bitgert Bridge.
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How many Bitgert Coins are in circulation?
With the use of the BRISE wallet dapp, you can make payments in local currency with no transaction fees and fast transactions.
The token has a mechanism to buy it back. A 5% tax is charged on each transaction and stored inside a smart contract. If the sale has taken place, part of the tax paid is allocated to the automatic token purchase from the liquidity pool, with the said token being burned immediately afterwards.
4% commission on every transaction is shared by Bitgert with its investors proportional to their stake and BUSD token.
At the platform launch, the full supply of BRISE token was created.
How is the Bitgert network secured?
BRISE Chain uses a proof-of-staked-authority mechanism for its security. Audit Solutions has a goal to secure the Bitgert network. The platform gives free auditing to protect smart contracts.
Where can I buy Bitgert?
Gate.io, PancakeSwap (V2), MEXC, Hotbit, and other CEXs and DEXs are where users can buy BRISE token.
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