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What is BitDAO?
BitDAO wants to level the playing field for everyone in the world by building a token economy.
One of the initiative's main aims is to attract developer talent through token swaps and co- development efforts.
BitDAO has a vision of open finance and a tokenized economy. BitDAO wants to support a wide range of projects.

Who are the founding members of BitDAO?
The project is maintained by a group of contributors.

One of the largest DAOs is supported by a number of people.
Bybit is an early supporter of BitDAO and has pledged recurring contributions to the BitDAO treasury.

What makes BitDAO unique?
BitDAO wants to partner with existing and emerging projects. The BitDAO treasury allocation will be able to gather a collection of topcryptocurrencies with the help of token swaps.
BitDAO wants to build core products that will help it function. The core product includes a set of on-chain and off-chain governance solutions and products, with the treasury management able to deploy and monitor assets to earn yield. BitDAO wants to give grants to teams in the industry for research.
BitDAO has some goals.
Co-development efforts and token swaps are used to partner with projects. Core products enable BitDAO and other DAOs to function more effectively. Grants can be given to teams that produce research or products that are public goods.
The treasury actions will be determined by the BIT token holders.
BitDAO is not a company. BitDAO is a collection of contributors. Changes to the BitDAO protocol will be proposed. You can submit and vote on proposals if you hold BIT. Over time, community leaders will emerge from BitDAO. The vision and mission of BitDAO will be driven by token holders.
Find out more at Medium.com/bitdao.

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How many BitDAO coins are in circulation?
There are no market statistics for BitDAO coins at the moment.
The distribution will be broken down as follows.
5% is a private sale.
5% is the launch partner rewards.
BitDO Treasury is 30%.
15% (300000000 $BIT) is the partner's flexible rate.
45% (900000000 $BIT) is locked by the partner.
The private sale of the token will be held in October of 2021. The BitDAO treasury holds 30% of the total token in proportion to the number of token holders.
Bybit has the largest percentage of BIT token. R&D uses the Bybit token.

How is the BitDAO network secured?
The personal data of users on the BitDAO platform is protected with the use ofSSL.
After a successful proposal and vote, BitDAO is owned and governed by BIT token holders.
There are token swaps with existing and emerging projects. There is a treasury allocation into various strategies. There is support for partner projects. To build BitDAO products, or support partner products, development teams and R&D centers can receive grants or milestone rewards. grants to education programs or other public goods BitDAO core protocols include governance and treasury management functions.

When will BitDAO trading begin?

Where can I buy BitDAO?
The markets tab shows which markets BitDAO is trading on.
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