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Bitcoin Vault. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 1.33463977

What is the existence of the coin vault?
The anti-theft solution using an innovative three-key proprietary wallet is what brings about the revolution in the security aspect. If a private key is lost or stolen, users will be able to reverse the transaction to prevent theft.
What makes the Vault unique?
You will be able to create different types of wallet with the Vault.
There is a standard. There is a 2-Key vault. There is a 3-Key wallet.
Each one of them can be used to send and receive assets. Standard transactions do not have additional security features, but users can make quick Secure Fast transactions. The reversible transactions are new to the world. Within 24 hours, they can be canceled, which is the time it takes to confirm the transaction on the blockchain.
There are security keys for the Bitcoins.
Standard Transaction Key is the key.
Each wallet has a Standard Transaction key. It runs in the background to make sure the smooth operation of all transactions.
The Transaction Key should be canceled.
Users can cancel transactions with this key. The number of blocks it takes to confirm a transaction has been reduced.
The fast transaction key is important.
The key is needed to perform fast transactions.
How many coins are there in circulation?
The total supply is limited by the software and will never exceed 21,000,000 coins.
The miners receive rewards for every block that they add to the ledger.