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The main coin of Bitcichain is BITCI coin. Authourty is private proof of Bitcichain. The design of Bitcichain is to provide businesses. Realworld businesses back every single token project. Every new business that joins the bitcichain network gets a private node. Online and fintech solutions are covered in most of the projects. Bitcichain requires businesses to have physical real word assets.
The native Utilty token is called BITCI.
Fees are charged for processing transactions.
Fast transfer between Bitcipay and other Bitci platforms.

The Bitcichain Ecosystem.
Trkiye's Fan token platform is part of Bitci Exchange.
The Bitcichain official wallet.
Bitci Explorer is for Bitci coin.
Trkiye's first token platform is called Bitcichain.
Bitci APP is in the Play Store.
The Fan APP is soon going to be a Fan token platform.
Bitci Pay is a payment platform.

Who are they?
Bticichain is a blockahin development and research company which was established in the year 2018?

Bitcichain offers solutions.
Brand token Private brand token may be created for companies and institutions on the Bitcichain network. Users of the company can purchase brand token to invest in the company. It is put up for sale on the stock exchange with the terms and conditions determined by the company. In line with the agreements made by the company and the progress of the project, Bitci.com or similar platforms on which it is listed has the potential to provide returns to those who hold these assets with the effect of acquisition value change. A brand token is a digital asset. It isn't a stock.
There is a fan token. Bitci Technology may create fan token for sports clubs. The Bitci Technology fan token is a real token that is written on the Bitcichain network.
The fan token is designed for sports clubs and fans.
When fans give material support to their teams, they don't receive a letter. Bitcichain wants to change this understanding.
The Fan token App is exclusive to the sports club and will increase the communication between the team and the fan. He/she can watch events made by his/her team.
Fan token are investment tools, after pre-sales, they are opened on the Bitci.com platform and become a digital asset that can be traded for supporters who support their team.
Fan token are asset instruments that may be used in transaction recording and have the property of being exchangeable, except for payments, at all contracted points using the BitciPay crypto asset acquisition and exchange platform after they are started to be traded on Bitci.com.

Supplier Chain Monitoring A supply chain monitoring system has been developed by Bitci Technology.

There arealty token The loyalty token can be created on the Bitcichain. Businesses can give their users a discount or a reward.

There are smart contracts. One of the best examples of smart contracts is beverage vending machines. It will give you a beverage if a certain amount of transaction is made. Smart contracts can be created which can be used to develop effective, fast and secure solutions for every sector.
Today, import and export transactions are carried out through banks. The institution that confirms the accuracy of the products sent in import and export and that they reach the address makes product delivery and inspection confirmations with the help of theBlockchain infrastructure asset systems. Transactions related to the verification of product accuracy and delivery in a smart contract can be triggered automatically and no supervision is required.
Bitci Technology can develop a smart contracts infrastructure on the Bitcichain network to make it more secure and traceable.

There is security.
The Proof of Authority is a technology that uses a consensus mechanism based on the identity of a share for performing fast transactions. The security mechanism is strengthened by the increase in the number of shares in the approval mechanism.
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Where can I buy Bitci coin?
Bitci Exchance, Bigone, Probit, and many other exchanges have BITCI.
Alexandria is an educational portal that will teach you how to buy Bitcicoin and other cryptocurrencies.
You can use the Bitcicoin currency page to check the price in your preferred currency.