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What is Bi swap?
Biswap is a DEX for BEP-20 token. Bi swap promises the lowest transaction fees of any exchange and will be committed to innovation through its high-quality products and services.
The standard DEX functions include an AMM, liquidity pools, yield farming, and an NFT marketplace.

There is a listing on major exchanges. The NFT marketplace has been improved. There is support for cross-chain. Limit orders. Borrowing and lending. There is a personal user dashboard. A swap referral program.
Bi swap announced a $10 million global incentive program to collaborate with other projects.

Who are the people who started Bi swap?
Biswap has a total of 27 team members on its website. The entire team is presented on the site as comic characters. The CEO has seven years of experience in the space. The Biswap team has many years of experience in their field, but no details are given.

What makes Bi swap unique?
Biswap tries to stand out with its lower transaction fees. Biswap claims that it charges only a small fee compared to other DEXes. Biswap can add an allocation to the team and increase the fee in the future.
Users can receive up to 90% of the swap fee if they engage in transaction fee mining. In addition, they can earn rewards for farming. Biswap's NFT marketplace allows users to purchase NFTs using four cryptocurrencies: BNB, USDT, BUSD, and WBNB. Users can win prizes in the lottery.
Bi swap has its own NFTs called "NFT Earn", which include an NFT Launchpad, an NFT Staking Pool, an NFT boost, and an NFT Level upgrade.
Bi swap has an ido Launchpad that allows other projects to launch their token.

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How many coins are in circulation?

80.7% is for farms and launchpools. There is a referral program for 4.3%. SAFU is an emergency insurance fund for all users. 9% is the team. 5% is the investment fund.
70/30 is split between NFT, GameFi, Strategic Partnerships, and Transaction Fee Mining.

How is the Bi swap network secured?

21 validators are elected every 24 hours to verify transactions and maintain the security of the system.
Bi swap has a bug bounty program.

Where can you buy bi swap?
BSW is available on a number of websites.
You can read more about how to buy cryptocurrencies in our guide.