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What is Bifrost?
Bifrost allows developers to create Decentralized Applications on top of multiple protocols.
Bifrost allows developers to write smart contracts in an unified environment. Bifrost will deploy the code into the targetBlockchains at once, after they select the target for each part of the code.

Bifrost has a number of components that allow for a seamless connection.
A language application that defines the programming language of Bifrost can be used to generate smart contract codes. The linker is a system that connects the user and Bifrost components. TheIDE is an Integrated Development Environment that offers a customized environment to use the comprehensive suite of features of Bifrost. Gourmet is an automated testing environment for Bifrost service and smart contract development. You can see a full view of the internal process of Bifrost with a dashboard that shows you the diagram.
What makes Bifrost unique? To maximize the potential of the technology, a superior flexibility that allows users to select and combine is needed. Bifrost operates with multipleBlockchains without any additional layers so you can use the features of eachBlockchain directly. As the industry grows, the value of Interoperability grows. Bifrost provides a full suite of features to develop and operate your product, including an IDE, monitoring function, and client service.
What use cases are there?
The Bifrost token is the currency. Developers pay BFC for using the multichain middleware to develop and operate their DAPPS, which reduces the cost of gas fees when using multiple blockchain protocols. They will have to stake a certain amount of BFC and the fees will be deducted from it. The multichain DeFi platform is powered by Bifrost. Bifrost's multichain technology will allow BiFi to connect directly to multiple blockchains, which will expand the DeFi platform. Bifi will have its own token, which will be used for governance and to pay fees for using multichain Defi services. The development of Bifrost continues, with more features tailored to DeFi DApp development and serving multichain DeFi developers in the future. Bifrost will become the premier multichain platform when DApp sectors like DID, NFT, and gaming grow.
How many BFC coins are in circulation?
There were 4 billion BFC token issued.
20% of the total supply is allocated for Bifrost Reserve, 4% for investors and the last 10.4% for marketing.
Who are the founding fathers of Bifrost?
PiLab was founded in March of 2016 by two professors to develop applications that solve social issues and business problems. They were able to see the potential and limitations of the technology. There were many protocols with their own strengths and weaknesses and no way to combine them.
Over the course of a decade, Dohyun Pak has developed and managed complex derivative products for financial institutions in the U.S. and Korea. He received his PhD in financial engineering from the University of Michigan.
Lee is a professor of mathematical finance at Gachon University. He presented his research at top-tier conferences after receiving his PhD in computer science. David is at the CyLab.
Changhyun Yoo, COO and co-founder of Bifrost, studied Computer Science at KAIST after graduating from Seoul Science High School. He has developed many financial platforms for leading financial institutions.
A medical doctor and co-founder of Bifrost, Soso is currently one of the leading criptomists in Korea. Bifrost has a team of 30 with deep and extensive experience in finance and computer science, from hacking and network security to quantitative trading.
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