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What is Biconomy?
Biconomy is a protocol that aims to improve the user experience on applications. The goal of the project is to make web3 products as easy to use as web2 products.

Protocols can onboard users without paying gas fees. Users can pay for gas with an ERC-20 token. Users avoid complex networks. Transactions are confirmed more quickly.
Biconomy focuses on transaction management and can reduce gas costs by up to 40%. The protocol uses meta transactions, which allow users to submit a transaction with zero gas and have a third party pay for the transaction fees for the user.

Who are the founding fathers of Biconomy?
Biconomy was founded by a group of people. One of the project's co-founders, a Queen Mary University graduate, has spent the past three years in China, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates, and previously worked for a Chinese company.

What makes Biconomy unique?
Biconomy has a solution to a common problem. For a number of reasons, interactions with decentralized applications are not as seamless as for web2 applications. There is no equivalent of paying a usage fee for web2 applications. Users may not want to spend their ether, but gas fees are always paid in ether.
Biconomy's relayer infrastructure network is already being used by several protocols.

Curve Finance uses Biconomy to do meta transactions. Biconomy gives gasless transactions to its traders on the xDAI chain. Decentral Games provides a seamless gaming experience to its users by removing gas fees with the help of Biconomy. Gasless transactions are enabled by the Sapien Network.

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How many Biconomy Coins are in circulation?
BICO has a total supply of 1 billion. Operators on the network pay a fee in BICO to add information. Rewarding from securing the network can be earned by token holders. BICO can be used to vote on governance proposals, such as changing the code, adding additional services, or using treasury funds.

The community is 7.5% on TGE. 10% on TGE, 12 months lockup, 24 months linear release. The cliff is 12 months and the linear release is 24 months. 9 months lockup, 27 months linear release are included in the pre-seed round. 9 months lockup, 24 months linear release are included in the seed round. 10% on TGE, 12 months lockup, 24 months linear release are included in the private round. 10% on TGE, 6 months lockup, 24 months linear release is offered by strategic investors. 10% on TGE, three months linear release, six months lockup, six months linear release are included in the public sale.

How is the Biconomy network secured?

Biconomy enables gasless transactions by providing a software development kit that developers can add to their DApp with a few lines of code. Users with their private keys sign all transitions, as Biconomy is non-custodial and trustless. The signed data can't be changed by the network.

When will Biconomy trading begin?