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BENQI. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.0165626

What is BENQI**?
There is a liquid staking protocol built on the high-speed Avalanche smart contract network.

The company was founded with $6 million in funding.
Who are the people who created BENQI?
RomeBlockchain Labs Inc. is responsible for the creation of BENQI. It is an incubator and a software development firm. One of the co-founders and CEOs of Rome isJD Gagnon.
He received a degree in commerce in finance and accounting from the University ofAlberta. The Velox trading platform was created by Gagnon.
Hannu Kuusi has built infrastructure for financial technology and military applications.
Alexander Szul is in charge of the development of the BENQI platform.
What makes BENQI unique?
Benqi claims to be the first DeFi Lending project on the platform. Defi users from congested and centralized networks have the option to move and place their unused assets on BENQI with no hurdles and low network fees.
The protocol and governance token can be used to create financial products.
BENQI wants to ease the overloading of the ether network by giving it a cheaper and faster alternative.

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How many coins are in circulation?
The QI token was launched by the BENQI protocol. The entire BENQI system is controlled by the token.
The founding team chose to maintain control over governance at the early stages of the platform, but their plans include a full-fledged transition to a DAO.
Most of the 7,200,000,000 QI token will be distributed through the liquidity mining program. 504,000,000 QI was sold during the initial coin offering.