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What is the name of the protocol?
A suite of DeFi products is available on the platform.

The protocol was built by the ARPA team.

Who are the people who created the Bella Protocol?
Felix and Yemu founded the company in 2020.
The co- founder of ARPA is Felix Xu, the CEO of Bella. Felix is a veteran of the financial industry with several years of experience as a venture investor and analyst.

What makes a protocol unique?

The platform is supported by BEL token holders, who are able to contribute to the governance of the platform by voting on potential upgrades, releases, and other parameters.

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How manyBEL coins are in circulation?
The total supply of BEL is 100,000,000 and the initial circulating supply is 13,250,000.
5% of the total supply was allocated to participants in a large proportion of the initial supply.

18% of the total supply is reserved for the ecosystem, 4% for the reserve, 40% for user growth, 10% for staking rewards, and 15% for the team.
How is the protocol secured?
The token is secured by the network.

Where can you buy a protocol?
In December 2020, the most liquid exchange for BEL was Binance. The token can be traded at a number of other exchange platforms.