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What is bakery token?
The bakery token was launched in September 2020.
The AMM protocol is based on the BSC.
BAKE holders can use their token for governance voting and to receive transaction fee dividends if they choose to do so.

Who are the people who started the bakery token?
The team behind BakeryToken is an anonymous group of developers.

What makes bakery token unique?
There is a bakery swap on the smart chain.
BakerySwap is an AMM based on the Smart Chain. It works through initial pools. There are two types of pools, with and without BAKE rewards.
BAKE rewards will only be given to designated pools.
The bakery swap charges a fee on swaps and trades, but only 0.25 goes to the providers.
The pool token that the providers are given represents their share of the pool. They can earn a portion of the fees that are collected in the pools when they remove the liquid.

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How is the bakery token network secured?
Real-time security monitors and intelligence systems are used to secure the bakery token network.

Where can you buy bakery token?
You can buy or sell BakeryToken on the following exchanges.

The name of the company is Binance. Gate.io is a website. There is a swap for pancakes. Hotbit Any change.
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