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Axie Infinity. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 7.91669688

What is AxieInfinity?
The game is partially owned and operated by its players.
To learn more about this project, you can check out our deep dive.
Players can collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade token-based creatures known as Axies, which are inspired by popular games like Pokémon.
There are more than 500 different body parts available for these Axies, including aquatic, beast, bird, bug, plant and reptile parts.
Each Axie is a non-fungible token with different attributes and strengths and can be entered into 3v3 battles, with the winning team earning more experience (exp) points that are used to level up an Axie's stats or evolve their body parts.
The AXS is a governance token that is unique to the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Who are the founding members of Axie?
Sky Mavis is a technology-focused game developer with a team based in Vietnam.
Trung is the CEO of the platform.
A co-founder and COO of the platform is a former competitive gaming player. He has been working in gaming for a while.
Many of the 25 full-time employees of the Axie Infinity team have experience with game development.

What makes Axie Infinity unique?
Each Axie has six different potential body parts, each of which has its own battle move.
The Axie can only be bred seven times to help control the population of the Axies.
It is possible to find a suitable match to breed your Axie with to stand the best chance of producing a powerful offspring.
AXS token holders will soon be able to receive regular rewards.
There is a game called Axie Infinity.
Users can earn token through various aspects of the game. It allows players to breed, grow and trade characters in their game. Virtual pets have their own characteristics and class.
The features and rarity of a eaux are indicated by their class and body parts. Distinctive ability cards that are related to a configuration of characteristics are the center of the game.

The model is play-to-earn.
One of the pioneers of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept is AxieInfinity. The main difference between the online game and other games is that players have control over their characters, land plots, resources and other in-game items.
Unique digital items and in-game assets are verified via NFTs. The token is used to prove the right to property. Users can either sell their Axies to other players or keep them in a secure wallet.

How does Axie work?
There is a focus on fighting and breeding axies in the game.
Axies are required to join the battle in Adventure Mode (PvE) or Arena Mode (PvP). Each Axie cannot be bred more than 7 times. The homeland of digital creatures is Lunacia. The parts where players can search for resources and upgrade their plots are called tokenized.
Community engagement is a key feature of Axie Infinity. A number of mechanics have been introduced by the developers. Population control is built in.
The Ronin Network is a sidechain created to solve the scalability problem. It makes sure transactions don't involve the ethereum block.
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How many AXS Coins are in circulation?
The AXS token was launched in November of 2020. The central mechanism for running the game is AXS. By playing it, players can buy, trade and earn token. The best players of the season receive rewards.
There is a total supply of 270 million AXS.
4% of the total supply was sold in a private sale and 11% was allocated to participants in the Binance Launchpad IEO sale.
According to the current release schedule, 100% of the AXS token will be circulating by the beginning of the year.

How is the Axie network secured?
The AXS token is an ERC-20 token.
The NFT token will be migrated from the Loom Network to a custom-built sidechain on the Ethereum platform.
There is an application specific sidechain built for Axie.

Where can you buy a AXS?
As of October 2021, Axie Infinity (AXS) is available to trade on a number of exchange platforms.
There are many trading pairs being offered, including SLP to BNB and SLP to ETH.
It is listed with a lot of popular price pairs, like AXS/USDT, AXS/BTC, AXS/BUSD and AXS/BNB.