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What is the meaning of automata?
Privacy-first, high assurance, and friction-less transactions are some of the benefits of the Automata compute protocol. The vision of a seamless Web 3.0 experience is provided by its mission.
The products include:

Privacy-first cross-chain service plane: Automata offers privacy services that let users control their data. The degree of privacy of computation in Automata can be stronger than in centralized web services. The control plane is Elastic andScalable and it governs interactions between participants of the protocol. A ledger plane is a way to exchange data and cooperate on the agreed set of data in an atomic and privacy-preserving manner.

Who are the originators of Automata?
Previous founding members of Ziliqa were part of the team that founded Automata. One of the co-founders has a PhD in computer science from the National University of Singapore, while the other worked as an infrastructure lead. A recipient of the Web3 Grant, a participant of the Web 3.0 Bootcamp, and a Polkadot Decoded Mainstage speaker are some of the people on the team.

What makes automata unique?
The Automata Network wants to be recognized as the go-to privacy service for DeFi and Web3 with its proposition of privacy middleware. It aims to fill a gap in the market by providing privacy-focused solutions that integrate with existing blockchain infrastructure in an intuitive, seamless manner. It's applications are built for Web3 and include anonymous voting, miner extractable value, and do-not-track index.
Its anonymous voting service is called Witness and offers low-cost, off-chain voting, on-chain execution based on the results and different levels of privacy, ranging from private to public, based on the protocol's requirements. The solution supports several EVM-compatible chains.
Conveyor is a chain-agnostic MEV minimization solution that works with DEXes. A front-running-free zone is created when it ingests and outputs transactions in a determined order.

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How manyATA Coins are in circulation?
There is a total supply of 1 billion and a current circulating supply of 172 million.

ATA token holders can vote on platform features and network parameters. Storage miners earn ATA token by running applications and executing transactions on the network. Users pay miners for storage and computation tasks. Users can bond ATA token to participate in auctions.

How is the network secured?

Most new coins follow the standard of the ERC-20 token.
The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is used to secure BSC.

When will automata trading start?
In June of this year, Automata raised over two million dollars from the Launchpool.

Where can you buy automata?
It is available on several websites.