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What is Aurora?

Aurora is a product that helps dApps move to the NEAR blockchain.

The best user experience and familiar tooling are delivered by the base token.
Proper upgrades to the protocol are ensured by the AURORA token. Aurora is governed by AuroraDAO which has representatives from different industries.

AURORA token supply and allocation is what it is.
One billion $AURORA is fixed by Max Supply. AURORA is having a token generation event.
The token is unlocked. IDO is allocated 1% of total supply. The 1% allocated to Aurora Labs will be used as incentives for project advisors. The AuroraDAO balance is kept on for future projects. 20% is kept in the community treasury.
There is a locked token. The long term incentives of Aurora Labs may be subject to the vesting scheme. 2% to early Aurora contributors may be subject to the vesting scheme.
The locked token is subjected to the unlocking scheme. 2 year unlocking scheme with linear unlocks every 3 months and 6 months cliff starting the token launch date with 25% unlocked after 6 months. There is a
Who are the people of Aurora?
The CEO of Aurora Labs is a doctor.
Arto Bendiken is the Chief Technology Officer of Aurora Labs, he has over 20 years of professional software engineering experience working with organizations such as the European Space Agency and the U.S.
Frank Braun is the head of security and infrastructure at Aurora Labs.
Joshua J is the lead of the engine team. He has over 10 years of experience at the intersection of software development and open-source creation.
Kirill Abramov is a software engineer with over 6 years of experience in the development of high- performance software.