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What is the name of the person?
A music streaming protocol built on the POA network is now living on Solana.
The platform powered by the native AUDIO token aims to align the interests of artists, fans, and operators. Fans can listen to music for free from the artists' uploaded music. Content creators can get rewards like being featured in the weekly lists.

Who are the people who started the company?
Roneil Rumburg and Forrest Browning are two California-based entrepreneurs. Roneil Rumburg co-founded Kleiner Perkins, an early-stage seed fund investing in blockchain and artificial intelligence companies. Forrest Browning is a co-founder of StacksWare, an enterprise data center management platform.

What makes AUDIUS unique?

Artists publish their work on the ledger. They can do it for free and the music is streamed at a high quality. Although the protocol is working on a system that will be overlooked by the community, there is no copyright protection. Artists can use the platform to experiment with bonus tracks, and the platform plans to include artist token to facilitate monetization.
Fans can listen to tracks for free and in the future may be able to stake AUDIO to participate in artists growth on the platform.
AudSP is a platform-native extension to IPFS. Fan clients fetch the content, submit proof, and request keys to content nodes, while an artist's client chooses a set of these nodes to do so automatically on the artist's behalf. Artists have the option to run their own content nodes and have more control over their distribution.
In other words, they enable users to find new content and act as its registry on the platform.

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How many coins are in circulation?
There is a current circulating supply of 411m AUDIO. 50% of the 50 million AUDIO were distributed to the top 10 artists and fans, with 75% going to artists based on stream count.

23% went to premined rewards. 42% to investors. 42% to the protocol itself.
The token has three main purposes.

The network is secured. The access to features was unlocked. As a governance token, I am acting.
There are value-added services that can be staked.

How is the network secured?
The growing demand led to the decision to migrate to Solana. The team said Solana was chosen because of several reasons. It is cheap and offers 1m transactions for 10$. Block times of 400ms and confirmations under one second make it fast. Solana has over 200 nodes on its mainnet.
A proof-of-stake consensus mechanism with Byzantine partial fault tolerance is found in Solana. At their peak, it has 200 nodes that can process up to 50,000 transactions per second.

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