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Ardor (ARDR) is a multi-blockchain project that uses a parent-child architecture to provide developers with a unique combination of functionality and security. The Ardor parent network provides a secure base chain, while the "child chains" that branch off from the parent network are free to communicate with each other.

Its purpose is to provide network security and computing power for these subsidiary chains. In fact, it supports them. 

Subsidiary chains can also be easily removed from the Ardor infrastructure when they are no longer needed, which reduces block chain bloat and provides users with faster transactions. Each Subsidiary chain also has its own tokens. Ardor uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm that reduces the energy required for the project to work.

Who created Ardor (ARDR)?

Like most other successful crypto/blockchain systems, Jelurida is a real company backed by several legal entities in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Jelurida consists of three full-time developers and two part-time developers, as well as a managing director with experience as a legal adviser.

It looks like it has some of the most experienced people in the crypto scene - as Ardor is based on the reliable, long-running NXT platform:

  • Kristina Kalcheva (Managing Director)

Legal specialist with 7 years of experience as a legal adviser.

  • Lior Jaffe (Managing Director)

A programming expert with 13 years of experience.

  • Petko Petkov (Main developer)

A software developer with experience working with financial applications and games.

It should be noted that one of the most important things to remember about this company is that they are completely transparent and do not hide behind pseudonyms.

What is unique about Ardor?

Ardor is a blockchain platform-as-a-service that evolved from the time-tested Nxt blockchain.

The unique architecture of the Ardor parent-child chain with a single security chain and multiple transaction chains provides three fundamental advantages: reducing block chain bloat, providing multiple transaction tokens, and hosting ready-to-use interconnected block chains.

The defining feature of Ardor is a unique flexible system with multiple block chains, consisting of parent and subsidiary chains. It has been developed to enable any business to create and programm solutions based on blockchain with various functions.

How many ARDR tokens are in circulation? 

Currently, there are 998,999,495  ARDR tokens that is the maximum offer. The token is now being traded at 0.08919528 USD, with the current trading volume of 3,550,452 USD. 

ARDR token has a market capitalization of 89,106,038 USD.

How is Ardoe network protected?

The project is based on PoS protocol that contributes to the high security of the network.