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Aptos. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 12.25427276

What is the name of the town?
Meta, formerly Facebook, independently developed a Rust-based programming language called Move that is used in the Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain called Aptos.
The vision of Aptos is to bring mainstream adoption to web3 and to empower anecosystem of DAPPS to solve real-world user problems.
A theoretical transaction throughput of over 150,000 transactions per second can be achieved through parallel execution.
A $200 million seed round was led by the venture capital firm a16z. Tiger Global and Multicoin Capital were part of the funding round.
In September, a strategic investment of an undisclosed amount was made by Binance Labs, bringing its valuation to $4 billion.

Who are the people who started the town?
Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching were both employees of Meta. Mo, who is the current CEO of the company, is a founder with years of multinational financial services.
The CTO of Aptos is Ching.
The Diem project was worked on by the duo. When the Diem project ended in January 2022, Shaikh and Ching decided to create a new company called Aptos Labs.
Researchers, designers, and engineers from Diem are part of the Aptos team.

What makes Aptos unique?
The team claims that its network can process over 150,000 tps.
This high transaction throughput can be achieved through a parallel execution engine.
In the case of Aptos, all transactions are processed at the same time.
Move is a new smart contract programming language that claims to offer advantages to Solidity, the EVM-based programming language.
New use cases can be realized through upgradeability and configurability, while horizontal throughput scaling provides a better user experience.

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Sui is a Move-based layer-1Blockchain built by former Diem engineers.
There is a difference between Modular and Monolithic.

Are you curious about the space?

How much circulation is it?
The APT is the native currency.
Community (512%), Core Contributors (192%), Foundation (16.50%), and investors make up the distribution.
Around 80% of the allocation is held by the Aptos Foundation.
The four-year schedule is for investors and core contributors.
Refer to this for a summary of Aptos tokenomics.

The Mainnet launch of Aptos.
Despite raising millions of dollars from investors, Aptos did not launch its mainnet until October 2022.
AIT1, AIT2, AIT3 and AIT4 are the four stages of the testnet.
The AIT3 campaign was completed on September 9, 2022, paving the way for the final testnet.
On October 18, 2022, Aptos went live with its mainnet launch, making it the first blockchain to debut on Move technology. The mainnet uses the latest version of AptosBFT, which uses a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus protocol.

What is the location of the bridge?
On-chain user application protocol called LayerZero Labs was launched.
The bridge will allow users to transfer funds from one platform to another.

How is the network secured?

The HotStuff protocol is used for the custom-made consensus algorithm, AptosBFT.

Where can I buy apatos?
The APT token can be traded on a number of exchanges.