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What is ApolloX? ApolloX is a top exchange.

The ApolloX token is a native token that is part of the ApolloX platform. ApolloX has a utility token called APX which can be obtained as trading rewards. The launch of ApolloX 2.0 revealed a token burn plan and governance model.
ApolloX DEX can be found at www.apollox.finance.
What makes ApolloX different? ApolloX Finance caters to different trader profiles.
ApolloX Finance uses an "off-chain matching + on-chain settlement" model to achieve high transaction performance, excellent market depth and fast response speeds while ensuring the safety and transparency of users' funds.

ApolloX announced the launch of ApolloX 2.0. Under ApolloX 2.0, ApolloX will burn 5,755,000,000 APX.
APX token, what is it? ApolloX has a native token, APX. The total supply of APX was 10 billion.
APX is earned from trading on ApolloX.
How many APX are in circulation?
Genesis allocation of APX.
The Community Treasury received 45% of the APX. Users receive 4% of APX as trading rewards. 5% of APX goes to marketing and partnerships. 350,000,000 APX will be used for Retroactive Mining rewards. 2.5% to list on PancakeSwap.
5,755,000,000 APX will be burned with ApolloX 2.0.
ApolloX Treasury has 4,455,000,000 APX and 1,100,000,000 APX. 500,000,000 APX 400,000,000 APX is the marketing expenses. There are 4,300,000,000 APX and 2,000,000,000 APX. 9,255,000,000 APX 3,500,000,000 APX is the total amount.
Every transaction has a 1% tax.
Further reading: APX is a tokenomics company. There is a mining program.
Where can you purchase APX? APX can be traded on ApolloX DEX,Swap Pancake and other exchanges.