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What is the name of the program?
There are smart contracts that struggle to access reliable data, and application programming interfaces are supposed to be a solution.
The goal of the project is to allow the creation, management and monetization of distributed versions of the APIs.
The main problem that is associated with APIs at the moment is connected.
Although this has helped solve the problem to some extent, the industry has since been grappling with the "Blockchain Oracle Problem."
The token sale that generated tens of millions of dollars was followed by the token going live at the beginning of December.

Who are the people who started the company?
Three people are working together to make a movie. Heikki Vanttinen has written extensively about the project and what it hopes to achieve.
Burak Benligiray has joined Vanttinen. He was the CTO at CLC Group. Benligiray has written about the merits of ChainAPI in the past.
Saa Mili is the third co-founder.

What makes API3 unique?
We hear a lot about projects that are trying to bring this technology to established industries such as real estate and finance.
Without the ability to supply off-chain data, the distributed ledgers wouldn't have a clue about how much coins should be worth.
Vanttinen explained how the data source can be provided with superior data transparency all the way to the factual data source level, compared to existing decentralized oracles, which do not consider the data source to be within the scope of their solution.
The distinctive qualities of this tool concern how it can be deployed in minutes, enhancing transparency and substantially reducing transaction fees in the process.

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How many coins are in circulation?
The maximum supply of 100 million token is out of circulation as of January 2020.
A public token distribution event took place over the first two weeks of December in which 20 million token were reserved for pre-seed and seed investors. 10 million of the 30 million were allocated to partners and contributors.
Seed investors and founders are subject to a two and three year vesting period after the public sale of their token.

How is the network secured?

Where can I buy the API3?
Uniswap is one of the most popular exchanges that can be purchased with API3.