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What is the Alpine F1 Team Fan token?
Alpine F1 Team Fan token is the first Formula One-themed fan token by the world's biggest and most popular exchange. Fans of the Alpine F1 Team will have a chance to engage with the brand with the release of the ALPINE token.

Team voting polls can be participated in. Purchase NFTs and hunt digital collectibles. Gamification features can be tied to fan rewards.
The launch of new token like PORTO was taken over by Binance. The new Alpine A522 cars will have the Binance logo on them. Alpine executives were happy with the deal. The CEO of the F1 team said that partnering with Binance fuels their passion to change the racing landscape as well as open doors for more innovative fan engagement.

Who are the founding members of Alpine F1 Team Fan token?
The Alpine Team is part of Alpine Cars, a French manufacturer of racing and sports cars. It launched its own division in 2021.

Guillaume Vergnas has five years of experience in building partnerships in F1 and the automotive industry. The Business Development Manager has eight years of experience in developing brand collaborations, relationship management, and market expansion. The partnership coordination officer has nine years of experience in strategy consulting in the sports and entertainment industry. The Global Business Development Manager has ten years of experience in acquiring and managing sponsorships, commercial partnerships, and account management.
The world's biggest coin exchange was launched by Changpeng Zhao. Thanks to the success of the Binance Smart Chain, the BNB token has become a top 5 coin.

Alpine F1 Team Fan token is unique.
The current and future use cases for the AlPINE token are outlined.
After the launch of AlPINE, token holders will be able to vote in fan engagement sessions.
The "NFT PowerStation" will allow AlPINE holders to stake their NFTs for rewards and other digital collectibles.
token holders will be able to donate directly to the team in the future More features will be added to the platform to engage token holders.

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How many Alpine F1 team fan coins are in circulation?
The total supply will be 40 million. The public sale price will be 1USD per ALPINE.

There is a Launchpad sale. The team is 18%). There is a loyalty subscription. The User Fund is 35 percent. There is a developer fund.
Over the course of five years, the token will be released linearly.

How is the Alpine F1 Team Fan Network secured?
A BEP-20 token will be used on the BSC.
The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is used to secure BSC.

When will Alpine F1 team fan token trading begin?

Where can I buy the Alpine F1 Team Fan token?
AlPINE will be available on the platform.
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