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What is aelf (ELF)?

aelf ( ELF) is a multi-layered, multi-chain blockchain ecosystem similar to Ethereum. The aelf test network was launched in August 2018, and is designed as an open source operating system, such as Linux, to create a more cohesive DApp ecosystem. It uses both internal and external side chains, as well as Delegated Proof of Stake consensus, to build a decentralized cloud computing network. ELF is a proprietary ERC-20 token for the aelf platform.

The purpose of Aelf is to fundamentally transform our devices by opening up more intuitive use of dApps.

Who created aelf (ELF)?

Aelf is a Singapore-based team of blockchain technical experts whose goal is to create the first decentralized cloud computing blockchain network that will meet various commercial requirements.

What is unique about aelf (ELF)?

Aelf was designed as the next-generation Ethereum, in much the same way that Linux revolutionized UNIX in its day. All platforms like Android, Windows, and macOS are rooted in UNIX, which is exactly what Ethereum is for the blockchain. The aelf OS was created on the basis of Ethereum, but is intended to contribute to the creation of a more cohesive open source platform. Of course, as with Linux, this means that it will still only be available to enterprise users and tech-savvy users.

However, the aelf blockchain has its own unique features:

  • Scalability

With parallel processing, cluster node creation, and database partitioning, the aelf blockchain has real scalability potential. During the test network, the blockchain reached 15,000 TPS.

  • Flexibility

Aelf has developed a core that includes the basic functions of any block chain. This core minimizes the coding requirements for implementing the application in the block chain, while providing full customizability due to the modular design.

  • Inter-network communication

Any side chain in the aelf ecosystem has the ability to interact with any other side chain, as well as through the API with other blockchains outside of the aelf network. This technology even allows you to run a smart contract in other chains.

How many aelf (ELF) tokens are in circulation?

ELF is a service token of the aelf blockchain. With a maximum supply of $ {total_supply} ELF, there are currently - 591,361,282 tokens in circulation.

With a market capitalization of 177,959,291 USD, and a daily trading volume of 16,368,834 USD, the ELF token is traded at 0.30093159 USD.

How is the AELF network protected?

The aelf main network uses DPoS consensus, each side chain can choose its own consensus protocol to determine how it interacts with the main chain. This is critical to ensure interoperability and maximum security.