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What is the name of the network?

A full protocol for trading of advertising space/time was created by Ambire.
All interactions between publishers, advertisers and end users are covered by the Ambire AdEx protocol.
An open source platform built on top of the protocol is available from the team.

Validators are responsible for processing the micropayments between publishers and advertisers on the platform. The stronger the reliability guarantees of the network, the more token staked.
Staking. The company launched a portal to support the work of the ad exchange in January 2020. ADX holders can receive rewards for staking their token with this option. The rewards were limited to a portion of the fees paid per campaign.
You can learn more about staking.
A wallet. The Ambire wallet is designed to simplify and democratize using Defi tools in everyday life. It is designed for both beginners and veterans and has many features.

How many ADX Coins are in circulation?
The AdEx Network launched with 100,000,000 ADX token on June 30, 2017. The company team performed a token upgrade in September of 2020.
Who are the founding fathers of Ambire?
Ivo and Dimo have a track record of success.

Where can I buy aDX?
ADX can be found on some of the largest exchanges in the world. ADX-ETH, ADX-BTC Bittrex has ADX-ETH and ADX-BTC. ADX-BTC is on Huobi. The HitBTC is ADX-ETH, ADX-BTC, and ADX-USD. ADX-USDT and ADX-ETH are abbreviations. 1inch.exchange Uni swap V2. Mooni swap. ADX-ETH is the SushiSwap. WazirX has 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 ADX-BTC is on the coinDCX. ADX-BTC is listed on IDEX. ADX-ETH is a fatbtc. ADX-ETH and ADX-BTC are listed on the VCC Exchange. The balancer is ADX-yUSD.